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Edge Pipeline: a variety of good auctions at your fingertips

Edge Pipeline: a variety of good auctions at your fingertips

EDGE Pipeline is a technology platform that provides information about independent auctions in the US. The main users of the online portal are shippers and wholesale buyers of used cars.

In addition, EDGE Pipeline provides live auction sales and market reports on total inventory at auto auctions in the country.

Trade without leaving your home

Bidding on the platform takes place daily with the total number of cars for sale exceeding 300,000.

Edge Pipeline's main selling point is the huge selection of used, new and damaged vehicles. Most of the cars have mild to moderate defects, so their repairs will not require significant expenses.

You can watch the auction and bid on vehicles in real time from the comfort of your living room or office.

Vehicles are eligible for bidding after a preliminary inspection by Edge Pipeline experts. The latter record the level of damage to the vehicle, its actual mileage, year of manufacture and other important information. Detailed lot reporting is published prior to bidding, so car dealers and organized shippers can make an informed choice.

Sort in just a few clicks

You can view pre-bid auto research data, past sales statistics, and account reports directly from the auctions you do business with. 

Registration on the portal is quick and easy, especially if you have an auction access number. Complete the simple registration process if you are a new user. If you have problems registering or do not have an auction access number, please contact Columbus. We will help you access all online auctions as well as some other sales.

EDGE Pipeline's advanced filtering lets you find vehicles faster than ever. You can sort and select cars by brand, model, year of manufacture, body type, technical condition and other criteria in just a few clicks.

In addition, Columbus will enable you to use the tools integrated into the company's dealer profile, allowing you to check the history of the car, correctly evaluate it, use the VIN-scanner, etc.

Enjoy great cars

Edge Pipeline venues showcase vehicles of different classes: standard sedans and hatchbacks, family cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. In addition, hybrids and electric cars are becoming increasingly common at auctions.

It is not easy to quickly understand all the various features of the platform and learn how to effectively use the tools it offers. To be 100% confident in the result, we recommend contacting experienced Columbus professionals.

They will help you get access to the dealer resource as well as select cars for you at a bargain price for resale or personal use.


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