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Columbus History

Team of our success

10 years ago, we launched our business by taking a closer look at benefits of cars from America.

Poland, Armenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania, USA. Columbus is on a path of dynamic development. Our clients purchase around 2,000 vehicles from the U.S. and Canada auction sites daily!

On our road to success, we gained trustworthy partners among the international logistic companies, and countless friends, who share our passion for cars.

Print and Digital

The media often mentions Columbus as a market leader and quotes company experts.


Columbus is always the center of attention of journalists and bloggers making clips about cars.


ICTV’s The Facts program also noted the social initiative of the Kyiv Veterans Movement, supported by Columbus.

The Chrysler minivan donated by our company to veterans and disabled children will serve them for years to come.


A documentary film by Vadym Vaida starring the famous racer Max Miller who is under contract with Columbus is filmed in support of novice pilots - those looking for financial support or forming their own drift team.


A video from the channel of V. Viktoria, a well-known blogger (750K + subscribers) Victoria Chernysh from Cherkasy.

Vika made an impressive birthday present for her godson - she gave him a ride on the legendary Chevrolet Camaro muscle car from Сolumbus. The childhood holiday was a success!


This video contains all the races won on the Bitlook Pro-Am Drift 2021 (Coliseum of the Chaika autodrome, Kyiv) of the Columbus representative in the drifting competition Max Miller.

From the Top 32 to the final it was a dramatic battle with brilliant victories of the No. 1 pilot in Ukraine.


Another film by Vadim Vaida starring Max Miller.

This time it is about the Zarazza supercar. Things did not go according to the plan with this car from the get go. It turns the car delivered with the help of Columbus, turned out to be ... too good for drifting competitions.


It’s the second round of Bitlook Pro-Am Drift 2021 at Arena Lviv, and once again we mention another first.

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian drifting, two classes met on the same track - Pro and Pro-Am! In addition, for the first time the competitions were officiated by judges from three countries!


Columbus Drift Ambassador Max Miller talks about the new generation of his Meduzza supercar for the 2020 season.

It features a Winters gearbox, V-8 engine, the latest roll cage and other technical perks.


A program about Nastya Pokrishchuk, a famous Instagram blogger. Everyone knows that she became famous for experiments with her appearance, but not many suspect that Just Queen has been driving since the age of 14 and buys her new cars only with our company, in which she has complete trust.


Round 3 of the 2021 Bitlook Pro-Am Drift at Chaika Raceway gave us new faces on the podium. And it’s no wonder since more than 70 participants from all over Ukraine came to take part in the competition!

You could even find Zhiguli and Tavria in more modest races!


Kseniia Yakymiv, a businesswoman who has done a lot for the development of Columbus and Dmitry Tankovich, a director and TV presenter, addressed the defenders of Ukraine wishing them "good health, inspiration, strength and good luck."


Unprecedented! For the first time in the history of Ukrainian motorsport, a drift parade was held on Khreshchatyk. The event was organized by Columbus.

30 drift cars tore through the corners around famous Kyiv sights like Bessarabka, Khreshchatyk, TSUM (The Central Department Store) and others.


Channel 5 report on the initiative of the Kyiv Veterans Movement to create a social taxi service supported by Сolumbus.

Our company donated a Chrysler minivan for use by veterans and children with disabilities.


For the first time in Ukraine, a team drift competition started at the Feofaniya autodrome in Kyiv!

More than 16 teams took part in the Team Jam competition with three participants each, representing major cities of Ukraine. The competition saw 3 teams burning rubber on the track at the same time!


An impressive film by Vadym Vaida about the United Drift Challenge.

This is the name of the race, which takes place once a year, "and is the coolest in Ukraine," says Volodymyr Kovel, founder of Columbus. The UDC was filmed by five cameramen, including one drone operator!


An Espreso.TV report about the new social transport in the capital of Ukraine.

It is intended for war veterans, as well as children with disabilities.

The author of the initiative is Kyiv Veterans Movement; the initiative was implemented with the help of Columbus.


September 2021, Bitlook Pro-Am Drift, Round 4.

Odesa pilots are eager for a fight, hoping to rehabilitate themselves for last year's loss to the guests from Kyiv. And they succeed! A. Aheiev, Y. Malynovskyi and V. Riabinin take all three cups in Odesa. Enjoy the highlights reel of the race!


A video of the famous travel blogger Victoria Chernysh, where she and her husband Artem continue a week-long test drive of the Chevrolet Camaro 6.2 AT 1SS provided by Columbus.

Emotions keep running wild just like on the first day of getting to know the car!


50 participants came to the second stage of Bitlook Pro-Am Drift 2020 at the Coliseum of the Chaika autodrome.

And we have a new record in the snow drift! Ukrainian pilot Maxim Miller, who is under long-term contract with Columbus showed the best result!


After a strenuous workout at the gym, top blogger Victoria Chernysh hets behind a wheel of the car rented from Columbus, a company that helps deliver cars from the United States.

With this Chevrolet Camaro 1SS it turns out that Vika will not have much of a chance to take a break from sports :)


In this video, Max talks about the history of the Bitlook Pro-Am Drift series in Ukraine: its creators, competitions, pilots. It includes some inspiring stories and a summary of the 2020 season from the super driver who has 3-year contract with Columbus.

Word of Mouth

People of different professions speak warmly of Columbus and its experts.

Reviews about our work

Feedback from owners who ordered Cars from the USA through Columbus

Purchase cost 16 000$
Customer Benefit 8 000$
Alina Kvitalina

US Automotive Market The US automotive market is distinguished by the fact that it offers the most in the world. US market The US automotive market is different in that offers the most to the whole world.

Offers of cars from the American car market are very attractive both in their prices and in quality. that offers the most to the whole world.

US Automotive Market US Automotive Market that offers the most to the whole world. US Automotive Market US Automotive Market that offers the most to the whole world.

Purchase cost 16 000$
Customer Benefit 8 000$
Alina Kvitalina 2

US Automotive Market The US automotive market is distinguished by the fact that it offers the most in the world. US market The US automotive market is different in that offers the most to the whole world.

Offers of cars from the American car market are very attractive both in their prices and in quality. that offers the most to the whole world.

US Automotive Market US Automotive Market that offers the most to the whole world. US Automotive Market US Automotive Market that offers the most to the whole world.

Celebrity Clients

Columbus is a favorite among movie, TV, music and sports stars who are passionate about cars.



Yulia Sholudko

Yulia Sholudko

Igor Lastochkin

Igor Lastochkin

Anna Sulima

Anna Sulima



Maxim Miller

Maxim Miller

Anzhelika Terlyuga

Anzhelika Terlyuga

Rimma Zyubina

Rimma Zyubina



Vladislava Rogovenko

Vladislava Rogovenko

Vadim Brzezinski

Vadim Brzezinski

Koryachka is a Ukrainian blogger with over millionaire followers, a national fitness bikini champion, trainer, and nutritionist.

The guys from Сolumbus have already helped me buy five cars. When I saw the last one, 2017 Porshe Maсan, it was so good I literally burst into tears from emotions. Firsto f all, the guys are professionals. Columbus is completely client-oriented, that is, they will help you pick your perfect car that will suit your taste and budget. When you talk totheir managers, sometimes it seems like they got into your head - the guys are working out just the options you need.

And Columbus is about novelty and taste. An they got the latest everything: services, tracking, online profile, and people.

Shipping is as fast as it can be, despite the troubles with the pandemic and so on.

And America is pretty far away, so yeah, you will have to wait just a bit.

And, of course, Columbus is love. Cool cars and love!

Yulia Sholudko, best media blogger in Ukraine Blogger Awards 2020-2021, star of the Master Chef and Super Mama TV shows.

Columbus helped me buy a Tan Lexus RX450h in sequins with milk and chocolate interior. Everything just as I dreamed and wanted. I think the car even looks like me :)

I turned to Columbus since it is a reputable and time proven company, and the car that I wanted to buy was not cheap. And I can say that I am very happy - I saved a lot of money, I mean thousands of dollars. The only thing I regret is not contacting Columbus earlier!

The RX 450h is like a blanket that you can wrap yourself in from head to toe - the level of comfort is astounding! You can forget about the bumps on the road (unless you are driving in Sport mode). The climate concierge automatically turns on the heating of the steering wheel and seats in winter. Pity that it doesn’t serve coffee ... But you will definitely get treated to one at the Columbus office. I want to thank the managers of the company for their attention to detail!

Igor Lastochkin - actor of Kvartal 95, showman, comedian, singer, insta-blogger, captain of the DniproTeam competing in KVN (Humor League).

My BMW i3 Rex “sailed” to me from the US.What a wonderful hybrid! I came to Сolumbus, placed an order, and here we are - I got a car. It took a little longer than usual for delivery due to a ship stuck in the Suez Canal - you probably heard the story – but hey, it’s Columbus’ fault. And I just want to say – if you don’t trust them, you’re a [censored] :).

There is a lot to like about Columbus. For example, the opportunity to test very cool American cars. I don’t know when else would I get a chance to ride a Dodge Challenger, a Ford Mustang, and even a Tesla Model X. I also love the fact that you take the car with a full tank, and can return it without filling up ... Just kidding, just kidding! Thanks to Columbus for everything, especially for the opportunity to try a drift track on the F-150!

Anna Sulima is a popular blogger, model (participant in the "Supermodel Ukraine" and "Exes"TV shows), fashion designer.

I named my car Minya. I love her and she loves me. And together we love Columbus!

Previously, Mini Cooper was something out of my reach – it was just too expensive. Then I heard from friends that you can bring a car from the US and relatively cheap so I started looking for a reliable company. I carefully checked each one, looking for pros and cons, reading reviews, and asking friends for recommendations. And in the end, I made the only right choice – Columbus!

Now I have a new dream or goal - Dodge Challenger! Columbus knows how much I like this car and sometimes lets me drive it.
But, do you know why I love this company the most?

It’s the PEOPLE who work there!They will always help you, guide you and explain everything. They are truly the best :) Our friendship is young but very strong!

JustQueen is a popular blogger, model, participant of the From Tomboy to Lady TV show, cosmetologist.

Dreams Come True. My new Camaro SS 6.2 V8 is pure Pooooweeer!!

The Camaro zips around just like a mosquito! It is already my third car that I bought with the help of Columbus and, hopefully, it will not be the last. Before I got a Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang, also a predatory breed of cars.

Why did I come for a car to Columbus? Because this is a company that I trust. I've driven their cars before I bought mine. They are always perfect. Moreover, it wasn’t just around the city, I tested them on the long rides and all went great.

Columbus stands for professionalism. Their managers are always on point when they talk and will help you in whatever you need. There is none of that dealer’s pushing or trickery. I know the the people who are leading the company as well - they are wonderful, honest and decent people. I love them and will always trust the company they created!

Maxim Miller is a car blogger, champion of the Eastern European Drifting Cup, chairman of the Drifting Federation of Ukraine, member of the FIA international committee.

I have loved everything American since I was little whether it’d be chewing gum, movies or fast cars, so making friends with Columbus was a God given. The company helped me deliver BMWs from the US more than once - 428i, E46 330i, Z4. These are the cars my friends and I turn into feirce little animals for the track.

Columbus has helped me realize a number of drift projects over the years. They are my title sponsor and the ideologists of my participation in different competition classes. Drifting in Ukraine would have been where it is without them.

Columbus is doing a great job of helping deliver some really cool cars from America. I believe you should bring cars that are cheap for Americans and are highly valued in our country: SUVs / pickups, sports coupes, Chevies made in the US. That's where you will get the maximum benefit!

Anzhelika Terlyuga - Best Athlete in Ukraine (2018, 2020), karateka, silver medalist at the 2020 Olympic Games.

I am a fan of BMW. I have loved sports cars all my life and I love driving. Thank you Columbus for helping make my dream come true! With the help of the company, I bought a BMW 330i - a real beauty.

The purchase almost coincided with my achievements in sports - at the end of May 2022, I became a European champion, defeating my principal rival in the finals, and in July - the champion of the World Games. I am truly happy! The car gives is all about positive emotions –smooth ride, comfortable seats, laser optics. A light push on the gas - and you are looking at 160 km / h on the speedometer!

Over time, I want to buy a convertible and drive both cars. I will definitely go to Columbus for a new car - this is the most popular and reliable company in our country and why mess with a good thing?

Rimma Zyubina - Best Actress 2016-2019 according to the Shot in Ukraine ratings, popular TV presenter, winner of numerous international prizes and awards.

Columbus helped me buy and deliver the NISSAN LEAF S, my first electric car. This is a great car, but I would like to talk about something else - about the basic rules that every female car enthusiast should follow. Never put a sticker depicting high heel shoes or reading Lady Behind the Wheelon your car. It will not make it easier but on the contrary complicate your life on the road.

Always fasten your seat belt!

The turn signals are there not to make the car look pretty but to warn other drivers about your maneuvers. Learn to drive! A driver without the necessary knowledge and skills is a danger to themselves and others. And, finally, the main rule – buy your car only throughСolumbus. Simply because it is easy, safe and as reliable as it gets!

Kyivstoner - video blogger, actor (Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor movie), rapper, former member of the "Mushrooms" project.

Yes guys, I know. A person of my status should get a brand new Merc straight from the dealership. But I chose a damaged car from the States. And I don't care about it at all. If there is no difference in the quality of a restored car and a new one, why pay more? It’s not about showing off for me and I implore you to do the same–get acar from the US! They offer top quality options with the best trim and ridiculously low mileage. At the very least this will allow you to change cool cars more often. At most - buy a car for a long time, saving a third of the price.

If there is any doubt, go straight to Columbus! They will let you ride their cars and advise something worthwhile. They got some sweet rides with nostrils in the hood!

I took the Ford Explorer with Columbus. Excellent car for long trips and to get to work. If anything, you can spend the night in it - there is plenty of space.

And now I am riding a Lambo – status is still status.

Vladislava Rogovenko is a blogger, a participant in the highly rated television shows Supermodel Ukraine, From Tomboy to Lady, Supermother.

Last year we gota BMW X5 – a beautiful car with a full panoramic roof. We got it from the US through Columbus.

There were a few minor issues with the car. Something with the wiring – changed the block and that's it. And after polishing the car was like new. We are totally satisfied.

My conclusion is this: if you need a good and inexpensive car- go to Columbus. Even if you are on a tight budget like we were. Just tell the managers: "I don’t have a lot of money for this." They will find a great option for any budget. And, by the way, you don’t have to pay the full amount at once. You can pay in installments while the car is being shipped.

Order a car and wait a bit - that's all you have to do. The main thing is that there are no pricing issues like there usually are with other companies, when you agree on one price, and then it keeps changing.

"Columbus" keeps its word!

Vadim Brzezinski is a blogger, chef, winner of the MasterChef TV show, thanks to which he was trained at the Le Cordon Bleuculinary schoolin Paris.

I wanted to get a car for a long time, and asked my subscribers for advice on Insta. And I finally did it! I won a car at an auction thanks to Columbus, a company that everyone advised as the best dealer.

I got my car from the USbecause it's much cheaper. I waited a couple of months until it arrives from America. I was looking for something reliable and I gotta say I am very pleased with the result.

I did not rush when I was choosing it and went through all the brands and models for my budget. Columbus managers were constantly in touch, answered all questions and showed angelic patience with me. At the same time, they did not try to sell some crap and they promptly checked the car and all the documents for it. Thank you so much, guys!

Unforgettable Events

A number of events in the life of Columbus became important milestones in the 10-year history of the company.

Opening of Tbilisi branch

12.05 2023. Another office of the company was opened in the capital of Georgia, in King David Business Center, at Merab Aleksidze, 12.

It is mainly focused on wholesale customers, attracting of whom is a priority goal of the company. The company is named Columbus in honor of the discoverer of America. It is symbolic that the same name is given to a city in the USA, located in the state, which is similar to the country - Georgia, where car shipping routes often start from. The clients are given maximum attention at the Georgian office, in full accordance with the local traditions of hospitality. Many bonuses for "wholesalers" are unique.

Patriot for the patriots

21.03.2022. Columbus presented the Armed Forces of Ukraine with what they really need on the ground – a reliable and practical crossover Jeep Patriot. In the times of peace, this car was a top-selling item, and it serves to the best of its ability today by taking out the wounded from the front lines, or any other way Ukrainian servicemen need it to serve.

The car is suited up alright: a 2.4-liter powertrain, 6-speed manual gearbox, 17-inch wheels, electric-powered sunroof, rear view camera, AC, satellite navigation. There is really no need to speak about the off-road qualities of this car, they are pretty much on full display since 2007, when this model first came of the conveyor. Good luck, “Pat”!

Columbus and CargoLoop help Ukrainians
14.03.2022. Since the beginning of tragic events in February 2022, Columbus stated they were not ceasing their operations and intends to carry on helping both their clients and ordinary Ukrainians. Company’s offices became locations for collecting medical supplies, clothes, essentials for daily needs. At the same time, out international shipping partner CargoLoop organized delivery of humanitarian aid from the U.S. to Ukraine. Back in the America, the empathetic people of the entire state of Georgia did the gathering of relief supplies. Darius Kreivys of CargoLoop LLC spoke on behalf of American volunteers: “We consider Ukrainians our family”.
Shooting of “Polkan” TV series

01.02.2022. Columbus took part in creation of “Polkan” television series. To be exact, Columbus provided its superheroes for the filming – American muscle cars Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, which were personally selected by the show’s director Dmitriy Tankovich.

In the center of the comedy detective is a stubborn and cynical law enforcement officer Pavel Safronov (Ostap Stupka), who’d fallen into a coma, and his soul landed in a stray dog. The only one who can hear the voice of the cop is his young partner, lieutenant Slava Kurochka, who just started on the force. Slava and the dog solve crimes and get themselves into funny situations along the way.

ARBOOZE: the car that Ike built

26.01.2022. Meet Ike Simonyan, “the legend of Belorussian drift racing”, co-organizer of Belorussian Drift Racing Championship and EEDC, judge of RDSGP, UDC, FIA IDC, and, since rather recently, a pilot of the craziest supercar #ARBOOZE, which he built in collaboration with Columbus.

This car is based on a BMW 3-series (E36 body). Check out the specs to fully appreciate the scope of the upgrades: M54B30 powertrain, TA Technix coil-overs, Nedmotorsports body struts, Bimarco racing seat, IRP hydraulic handbrake, BMW style 80/90 rims. The car fits the PRO2 class requirements. Enough said.

BITLOOK snow drift 2022: everybody rolls!

15.01.2022. The most democratic competition in winter drift racing took place on the tracks of Lviv and Kyiv. Anyone with a rear-wheel drive car was free to take part, and it didn’t have to be a supercharged monster on wheels.

There was no shortage of volunteers to take on an ice-gripped track. Volodymyr Kovel, the founder of Columbus, also could not say “no” to cutting corners. The competition’s free format allowed the participants work on their drifting technique and get a whole bag of emotions you get from driving into controlled skid. Ice, speed and not a cop car on your tail! What’s there to beat this feeling?

Holiday for special needs kids

Columbus and the public organization “Kyiv Veteran Movement” presented the Kyiv-based Helping Special Needs Children Fund with a Chrysler Town & Country minivan, and rolled out an automotive fest at the “Feofaniia” race track.

The kids, who are looked after by the Fund, were seated next to drift racers in their cars and taken along the track as they should: at speed and in controlled skid. The youngsters were buzzing with excitement! Maks Miller, the race driver, even had a couple of laps with the parents! Ksenia Yakimiv, Columbus rep, expressed gratitude to everyone, who joined the festivities and supports the Fund on a regular basis

Transfer of social taxi to veterans

13.09.2021. The capital city’s racing ground “Feofaniia” witnessed a social taxi revealed to the journalists and media folks.

Columbus considered their duty to present the public organization “Kyiv Veteran Movement” with a Chrysler minivan. It is specifically modified for transporting wheelchair passengers, and will be used as a social taxi, which drives the handicapped veterans to pharmacies, hospitals and other public places, free of charge. Moreover, social transport will become more accessible for many kids with limited capacities. This is the second vehicle presented to the veteran organization.

Defender of Ukraine Day: double congratulations

Defenders of Ukraine Day is a major national holiday, which is celebrated on the same day as an Eastern Orthodox Feast of the Protection, October 1st. The date is not coincidental: according to Ukrainian tradition, the servicemen are always honored on Pokrova holiday.

To commemorate the occasion, Ksenia Yakimiv (business-lady, who has done a lot to help Columbus grow) and Dmitriy Tankovich (Belorussian and Ukrainian TV personality) addressed the Ukrainian defenders – the present and the future ones – and wished them “the strongest health, inspiration, strength and luck” in their honorable calling of serving their Homeland!

Bitlook Pro-Am 2021: Team Jam!

02.10.2021. For the very first time, Ukrainian public witnessed the team drift! The “Feofaniia” race track (Kyiv) welcomed over 16 teams (three contestants each) that represented major cities of Ukraine and, of course, Kyiv.

Three competing teams shared the tarmac simultaneously From the Kyiv hills, the spectacle was mesmerizing! Over one hundred races and competing for the trophies from the first “Go!” It felt like the entire capital city smelt of burned tires. As a result of the October Bitlook round, the fun culture of drift racing came back to the country. Never before have the fans of the sport cheered for their idols with such vigor!

Pari-Match NEZ Drift Belarus: we got silver!

29.08.2021. Ukrainian racer Maks Miller had been away from Belarus for three years, since 2018, when he took the European Drift Championship (EDC) cup away from Minsk. And there it was, the new start at the racetrack in Stavki with Columbus banners along the track! Our company signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with @WhoisMiller and, naturally, missed no chance to make a statement.

The race turned out to be nerve wrecking, with the wet tarmac on the last arc presenting such an elevation deference, that many pilots found it too much to handle. Our own SuperMaks got every obstacle behind him in a sports car called Meduzza, and added silver trophy to his name. Ukrainian fans of drift races salute you, Maks!

Ukrainian Drift Challenge 2021 at the “Chaika” racetrack

08.08.21. The most ambitious automotive event of the year, Ukrainian Drift Challenge 2021 (UDC), rolled in like thunder. Just imagine the celebrity line-up of drift racing contestants from Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and other countries, jacked-up powerful engines and exclusive racing projects, contests, giveaways, trophies, emotions, good-looking girls.

All of it mixed and blended on a sunny autumn day at Kyiv racetrack “Chaika”! Columbus was a traditional official partner of the UDC event. The fest will be remembered, especially by the audience members who got to drive racing simulators and those who partook in photo-op with the UDC-2021 pilots.

Bitlook Pro-Am 2021, round 3: not BMW alone!

31.07.2021 – 01.08.2021. The fans that came to witness another stage of the all-Ukrainian national series of drift competitions at the “Chaika” race track did not regret their 300-hryvnias-worth tickets (FAN category).

More than 70 (!) competitors from all over Ukraine showed up to the race, which is more than ever. The cars they drove, well, they are too much to describe to say the least. It is worth saying that even specimens of “Tavriia” and “Zhyguli” took part in the races! One of the BMWs was driven by a girl, another one by a 13-year-old Odesa native, who only got into drift races in the spring of 2021. Yaroslav Tresh, who won the Kyiv stage of Bitlook, has worthy replacement coming up in the game.

Meduzza 2.1: followers chose white

27.05.2021. Meduzza (the car of the renowned drift racer Maks Miller, who signed a deal with Columbus) underwent cosmetic renovations. It used to be blue-and-yellow, now it’s white. The “culprits”, who are to blame for the transformation, are Maks’ followers, whose opinion regarding the new color of Meduzza 2.1 Maks asked for on his Facebook page.

The majority of the votes were in favor of the white. The color schemes of the car had been changed twice after that, however. The steering was improved in the updated Meduzza. New gearbox was installed and more work on making the car lighter is underway. “It’s not just a car, it’s straight-up fire”, Miller summed up the improvements.

Bitlook Pro-Am 2021: gold from Columbus

Bitlook Pro-Am Drift is an all-Ukrainian national series of drifting competitions among the professionals and amateurs. The May drift event at the “Feofaniia” race track (Kyiv) get the season of 2021 rolling. Just like before, the race included qualification (solo) and pair races (Olympic elimination format).

Over 40 racers from across Ukraine showed up for the first round of the National Drift Racing series, including the winner of the previous season, the 15-year-old prodigy Yaroslav Tresh. He competed in pair races, but lost to Kyrylo Kalandyrets. The trophies were traditionally awarded by the girls from Columbus.

Columbus 1st Congress in Vyshhorod

13-14.03.2021. Attended by the representatives of all Ukrainian branches of Columbus, a large forum in the suburbs of Kyiv took place. The event was in great spirits, for the company had reached significant success by March 2021: it went international, had multiple offices of total 2000 square meters opened not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland and Belarus.

1600 vehicles purchased in a month is an achievement none of the competitors in the country could demonstrate. But most importantly, a tight community of Columbus came together: level of involvement among the workforce is around 81%, which is an indicator of world’s leading companies – Google or Netflix!

Sirius again: visiting our beneficiaries

07.02.2021. We continue supporting our pet protégés in the animal shelter Sirius, which is located just outside Kyiv. We are a tightly-knit team of Columbus, which is now joined by the great animal lover, “plastic queen”, Instagram blogger Just Queen (Anastasia Pokreshchuk).

This time, we brought an entire Cadillac Escalade load of dog food and treats. These visits become more of a regular event, with Columbus and Sirius employees bringing their kids along. We intend to keep this tradition going: there is nobody out there to help the strays, but the people. This is yet another mission of our company from now on.

Helping “sniffers’ in Sirius shelter

31.01.2021. Many friends and employees of Columbus are keen dog lovers, who cherish their pets above all. However, back to reality: one can’t miss the fact that the number of abandoned, sick and hurt animals in the streets is growing. To help the poor beasts, Columbus with support from well-known bloggers – Rymma Ziubina, Anna Sulima, korya4ka (Tatiana Koriak) – took charge of the dog shelter “Sirius”, located in Kyiv region.

Surely, first we brought over to the shelter not a groomer, but the most necessary things – food and medicines. The log of “Sirius” has over 3000 “sniffers”, who we shall definitely help in the future.

AvtoDom opening in Kyiv

20.12.2020. This is the date when Columbus’ first car dealership was opened in the capital of Ukraine (at the address Protasiv Yar Street, 13), where customers can choose from many fully-functional used cars from the United States and Canada. This is exactly the case when you can start the car and off you go: the cars are fine-tuned up to exceptional conditions at the body shops of Columbus’ reliable partners, which had proven they can handle repairs of any complexity.

All vehicles are examined with accordance to the company’s check-lists (about 150 control points). Any client has additional opportunity of a test drive to make sure their choice was correct.

Columbus in American Chamber of Commerce!

05.11.2020. Starting from November 2020, Columbus has become a rightful member in one of the largest business associations, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, ACC.

ACC in Ukraine is a non-governmental organization, which links the Western investors, governmental authorities and Ukrainian business. It is great honor for us to join the organization that brings together over 600 largest companies from 50 countries of the world. This collaboration with ACC will most definitely bring about new opportunities for development and realization of promising projects between international and Ukrainian partners.

Draconian Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers Cancelled

28.09.2020. This was Columbus's first victory on the socio-political front. Thanks to starting a petition on the Ukrainian President’s website against the draconian measures proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers, designed to tighten the registration of cars with internal combustion engines and used electric cars, it was possible to mobilize the public and cancel the initiative of overzealous bureaucrats.

The Cabinet of Ministers' draft complicated and made the procedure for registering cars more expensive, as well as simply made it impossible in some cases. The damage to the state budget, if the document was adopted, could amount to $327 million/year with over 10 thousand people losing their jobs and income!

Major Rebranding of Columbus

11.09. 2020. Rebranding is not just a marketing strategy that involves changing a logo or a tagline. This is when you realize that you have outgrown your previous ideas about business, kind of like old pants.

The bulky ship plowing the ocean had served its time as a logo. It has now been replaced by another, more eloquent and comprehensive - a compass. The name of the device comes from the Latin words com ("together"), passus ("step") and means a joint path. The new logo reflects the important goal of Columbus - to find partners to work with and together grow the business in all four corners of the world.

Bitlook, stage 4: seaside

13.09.2020. Probably the most intense stage of Bitlook Pro-Am took place in Odesa, at the so-called “runway”. The amount of people who showed up to enjoy the spectacle was off the charts.

Maks Miller, who had signed with Columbus, was in a BMW E46 under Columbus banner; he was part of z-motorsport team. The Odesa track is no easy feat, and not every pilot came through. Even the experienced driver Oleksii Prokopets hit the curb! His “achievement” was later repeated by Yuri Rak from STO-1 team in a night race (which didn’t stop him from taking “silver” anyway). The winner of the Odesa race was “the young but promising” Ukrainian driver Yaroslav Tresh.

Columbus Becomes a Member of the European Business Association

04.09.2020. Our company has joined the European Business Association (EBA) and thus undertaken the obligation to conduct business transparently, in accordance with European standards and ethics.

EBA is one of the most influential and large-scale business associations, founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission. Its mission is close to Columbus: to work on improving the

investment climate in the country.
The Association’s support helps Columbus strengthen business ties with Ukrainian and international partners. Namely thanks to EBA, Columbus opened its first office in Poland.

Business launch in Minsk

15.09.2017. Modern office of Columbus opened its doors in the capital city of Belarus. Just like other subdivisions of the company, Belarusian office was granted the status of an official agent of a large international logistics company USA InterCargo LLC.

It’s worth mentioning that the Americans are quick to cancel the franchise should they see that those who bought in are not up to the high level of service. The Belarus office managed to prove its efficiency and occupy the leading position in its market sector, confirming the correctness of Columbus business model. Belarusians were the first to start shipping vehicles not only from America, but also from China.

Bitlook, stage 3: supercars come first!

15-16.08.2020. The complex nature of the track is what made the third stage of Bitlook Pro-Am Drift stand out. It was clear during the test drives that the pilots are bound to struggle at the “Chaika”. Even the ones on the “stock” BMWs had to sweat to cross the finishing line. The horse powers do not play that much of a role in test drives, however; what matters most is the ability to control the drift.

For the first time, a Ford F-150 with two beauties on board accompanied the race. It’s like that song goes: machines come first, and ladies next. The main function of the F-150 was to provide safety. From now on, this safety car will partake in every drift race across the country.

Meduzza 2.0 Presentation

29.07.2020. A new generation of the car has arrived for the famous drift driver Max Miller, whose official sponsor is Columbus. Meduzza 2.0 was presented at the TRAVA lounge cafe - alongside hookahs, cocktails and delicious food. The big screen showed the changes made to the car.

Chepa from Chepa Racing was faced with the task of really making the car lighter, and he did it brilliantly - the car has lost 153 kg of unnecessary weight! Everything that could be made lighter was made lighter - from the plastic in bumper and seats to the exhaust, which was replaced with titanium, as well as the brake system (replaced by Wilwood). You should have seen Meduzza taking off after that!

Bitlook, stage 2: Miller’s illustrious victory

25-26.07.2020. The landmark stage of Bitlook (Ukrainian motorsport organization) took place at the «colosseum» of the capital city race track «Chaika». Maksym Miller, with whom Columbus signed a long-term agreement, was listed to compete in a new status. And the best result he showed! The final race was along @driftovsky.

Maksym had to break a sweat to get that victory: his BMW 3-series had to catch up with a more powerful Nissan S13 Silvia. The crowd was in uproar with all the heat of the battle. Next is the race on the main configuration of the track (where UDC, United Drift Challenge, takes place).

ZaraZZa: We Bought a Car and Decided Not to Tune It

10.07. 2020. This is a really funny story. The famous drift driver Max Miller asked Columbus to help him buy a car for competitions. He even came up with a name for it: ZaraZZa.

The idea was to buy a flooded BMW Z4 in the US and keep only its frame and then put a body kit from Kasim Tlibekov on it, an inline six and turn it into a sensational car. But something went “wrong”.

First, it was reported from the port of Odessa that the flooded beauty was very much alive. And then the guys from the V8 auto repair shop advised Max not to take apart this magnificent car with just 7,000 km on it. And this is how a drift car “became” a daily car :)

Resurrection of Drift in Feofaniia

05.07. 2020. For the first time in 12 years, the Bitlook Pro-Am Drift National Series held a full-fledged race at the track in Kyiv’s picturesque Feofaniia.

More than 30 pilots from all over Ukraine battled on the track to find out who is No. 1. The event was smoking - the organizers picked one of the most difficult route configurations. Lots of smoke, noise, and adrenaline made for an awesome and unforgettable sight!

And buckle up - the winner of the first stage was 15-year-old racer Yaroslav Tresh. As a partner of the Series, Columbus is excited to be involved in the discovery of this young talent, who has taken the European sports scene by surprise.

New office in Warsaw

19.07.2020. Dzień dobry, witamy w Columbus! That is exactly how they’ll welcome you in our company’s new branch office in Warsaw at the address Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79. This office is very important for us because Columbus went into Europe from here – soon after our company became part of the European Business Association (EBA).

Jerusalem Avenue is one of the most picturesque streets of Warsaw. The bridge across the Vistula River connects Wola, the western district of the city, with Praga district on the other bank. The first skyscrapers in Poland were erected here in the early noughties, one’s eleventh floor housing Columbus.

BWM UgroZZa: one step closer to perfection

20.06.2020. Columbus breaks into European drift on a BMW 3-series. This ride comes with E46 body and 6-cylinder engine. An ordinary car, you say? You can indeed find spare parts for it in the garage next door. Reinforced chassis, however, is what gives away a sportscar. Lightweight body for rapid acceleration, perfect axis balance is something of the desired 90-60-90 from the top-model world, but in your dream car.

In UgroZZa, got upgraded everything that can boost the performance of our drift racing pilot @whoIsMiller, who is to take part in another Bitlook race at the «Chaika» race track in Kyiv.

Shooting Celebrity Confessions Video

15.06.2020. Bloggers, athletes, models and other national celebrities helped film the first big promotional video for Columbus, where they talked about their automobile dreams.

The cast included the famous plus size model Mila Kuznetsova, drift maestro Max Miller, and super blogger Koryachka. The video turned out to be heartwarming with Max admitting he had been obsessing about a fast red car since he was little and Korychka – about dreaming of a huge family, a big husband and a big … car for shopping. And Mila Kuznetsova confessed that she was tired of not having a luxurious car that was up to her high standards.

And as you may have guessed, Columbus helped make all their dreams come true!

New big wholesale office opens in Kyiv

10.12.2019. Opening of a new Columbus office for wholesale clients in Kyiv at Turheniivska Street 55-A is not luxury, but necessity. By and large, the success of the company is defined by exactly the clients who buy cars in numbers.

The main function of the new subdivision is to support our clients.

As of today, 8 subdivisions in various countries have the following to offer to the wholesale buyers (free of charge or on favorable terms): knowledge of how to buy with profit, car shipping and repair, Title restoration, company’s own accounts on closed (“dealership”) auctions, use of parking lots at the ports and many more benefits.

Columbus Stars Working with USA InterCargo

16.12. 2019. The year marked the beginning of a long-term cooperation between Columbus and USA InterCargo, a large sea forwarder specializing in international shipping of vehicles.

Thanks to the American company, Columbus, as an agent, was able to offer new opportunities to its customers.

And first of all, the reduced cost of forwarding and brokering services, the opportunity to use 5 terminals in the US which speeds up the transportation of lots from car auctions, privileged access to closed auctions, obtaining the necessary paperwork, spare parts and other services (including for businesses).

Kharkiv office opening (Poltavskyi Shliakh Street)

01.10.2019. It feels kind of symbolic that this Columbus office was opened not far from the “Central Market” subway station. Business has been very good here from the very start.

The clients complemented the sales managers, who came close to Danny DeVito’s character in “Deck the Halls” in terms of car sales. “They took into consideration each and every one of my thousand preferences and requests, and did a fantastic job”, says Andrii P. from Kharkiv.

The Poltavskyi Shliakh office was among the first to suggest the clients additionally wrap their cargo in absorbent clean film. Also, they were among the first to do successful business with wholesale clients of Columbus, when the company implemented new service standards.

Columbus Opens an Office in Dnipro

11.06.2019. For Columbus, 2019 turned out to be a year of rapid growth and development with a lot of new branches opening up one after another in major cities of Ukraine. First in Kyiv and Odessa, then in Kharkiv.

The latter alongside the Dnipro branch on 72, Yavornitskogo st. completed the cascade of branching out. The accumulated experience of Columbus in creating highly professional divisions allowed the Dnipro residents to seamlessly enter the market and begin effective work with a running start. In subsequent months, they only improved their performance - fortunately, this was facilitated by the growing demand on cars from America - offering customers the signature Columbus service.

UDC 2019: First Experience and First Success

06.07. 2019. United Drift Challenge 2019 is the largest drift competition of the season, a holiday for racing fans and the first big sporting event organized by Columbus. A record number of over 6,000 motorsport fans came to the Kyiv Chaika circuit. People in Ukraine are finally taking notice of drifting!

Racers from Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia and Russia took part in the races. The show was also remembered for the smell of burnt rubber, Aperol cocktails and signature soup from the legend of national drifting Max Miller. The girls in micro bikinis created a hot atmosphere and the sudden rain came in very handy.

Presentation of MEDUZZA and its House on Wheels from Columbus

05.06.2019. The long-awaited premiere! Max Miller, a racing driver from God and a judge of all kinds drift competitions on this side of the ocean, presented the MEDUZZA drift car.

This marvel of engineering is equipped with a Winters racing gearbox, a V-8 engine, a Samsonas Motorsport manual transmission, caster brackets, the latest roll cage, and a carbon fiber instrument panel. In addition, there was a spectacular presentation of the trailer for MEDUZZA that was sponsored by Columbus. This “actual house” as Max called it, is built so that the car can “travel the universe” while remaining clean and dry.

Kharkiv office opening (Sumska Str. 19)

19.06.2019. The Sumska Street office joined the Columbus family in June 2019, and hit the ground running from day one.

Masculine approach was in the air: firm agreements and decisive actions. The clients were quick to point this out in their reviews: “guys mean business, men of their word”.

Employees (many with technical education) calculated the shipping rates, with no extra fees, as they do in many other companies, which also worked in favor of the name of the subdivision. With some time and results under the belt, the Kharkiv office demonstrated solid achievements and, as they say, “set the client on the pedestal”!

Odesa office opening: the first sign

17.01.2019. The Odesa subdivision of Columbus was the first one to be opened in a major Ukrainian city (after Kyiv).

Moreover, it initiated a series of new company office openings in 2019. Therefore, we gave it the best we had – our top-manager, the very experienced professional from Kyiv. No surprise the office rose to the top with great results in no time. Odesa is known for working with passion and having time-off with passion.

The staff from Henuezska Street was always actively engaged in organizing automotive festivities, like the Odesa stage of Bitlook Pro-Am Drift, with the best racers of the country involved.

New office in Kyiv (Konovaltsa Street 26)

17.01.2019. At the start of 2019, Columbus was going through truly revolutionary changes.

The influx of clients had grown, and it was time to consider scaling of the business operations. This complex process was first initiated in Kyiv, with the opening of a new office in the most beautiful XIX-century building in Pechersk.

Konovaltsa Street 21 location had been and remains to this day one of the exemplary Columbus subdivisions. This is, first of all, endorsed by the thought-through company policy, which sets the high standards of customer service and business conduct. It is no coincidence that this very Pechersk-based company office serves as a company staff training center.

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EBA Member

Сolumbus Becomes Member of European Business Association

09/04/2020. Our company has joined the European Business Association.

EBA is one of the biggest and most influential business associations, founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission. Columbus has the same clear mission as EBA: to operate with the focus of improving the country’s investment climate. It was EBA's support that helped Columbus open its first office in Poland and start its business in the country.

ACC member

Columbus accepted into the American Chamber of Commerce!

11/05/2020. In November 2020, Columbus has become a full member of one of the largest business associations - the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

It is a great honor for us to join the organization, which unites more than 600 largest companies from 50 countries. We hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation with business people from different countries.

Award from Bitluk

Bitlook Awards Columbus

02/11/2021. Bitlook Pro-Am Drift, the national drifting series in Ukraine, expressed its gratitude to Columbus "for the significant contribution to drifting competitions in 2020".

Columbus did do its part helping the series by being a reliable partner throughout the year, assisting in events, providing the services of Columbus Security, and actively developing professional as well as amateur drifting.

Even new cars are cheaper in the US than in any other country in the world, with the exception of Australia.

Used cars (such as those confiscated by a bank) are also sold cheaper than anywhere else, at prices that buyers are willing to pay for them at auctions.

In addition, in the United States, there is an overabundance of cars put up for sale after an accident. It is expensive to repair them: an hour of the work of a master at local service stations costs from $65 to $155. When the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the market price of the car, it is more profitable for insurers to sell the car at auction for any money to compensate the client.

Since the cost of repairing cars in Ukraine is much cheaper (on average $1000-2000), and the prices at US car auctions are gentle, buying cars in America is profitable even taking into account the cost of shipping them by sea. Even new cars are cheaper in the US than in any other country in the world, with the exception of Australia.

Used cars (such as those confiscated by a bank) are also sold cheaper than anywhere else, at prices that buyers are willing to pay for them at auctions.

In addition, in the United States, there is an overabundance of cars put up for sale after an accident. It is expensive to repair them: an hour of the work of a master at local service stations costs from $65 to $155. When the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the market price of the car, it is more profitable for insurers to sell the car at auction for any money to compensate the client.

Since the cost of repairing cars in Ukraine is much cheaper (on average $1000-2000), and the prices at US car auctions are gentle, buying cars in America is profitable even taking into account the cost of shipping them by sea. Even new cars are cheaper in the US than in any other country in the world, with the exception of Australia.

Used cars (such as those confiscated by a bank) are also sold cheaper than anywhere else, at prices that buyers are willing to pay for them at auctions.

In addition, in the United States, there is an overabundance of cars put up for sale after an accident. It is expensive to repair them: an hour of the work of a master at local service stations costs from $65 to $155. When the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the market price of the car, it is more profitable for insurers to sell the car at auction for any money to compensate the client.

Since the cost of repairing cars in Ukraine is much cheaper (on average $1000-2000), and the prices at US car auctions are gentle, buying cars in America is profitable even taking into account the cost of shipping them by sea. Even new cars are cheaper in the US than in any other country in the world, with the exception of Australia.

Used cars (such as those confiscated by a bank) are also sold cheaper than anywhere else, at prices that buyers are willing to pay for them at auctions.

In addition, in the United States, there is an overabundance of cars put up for sale after an accident. It is expensive to repair them: an hour of the work of a master at local service stations costs from $65 to $155. When the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the market price of the car, it is more profitable for insurers to sell the car at auction for any money to compensate the client.

Since the cost of repairing cars in Ukraine is much cheaper (on average $1000-2000), and the prices at US car auctions are gentle, buying cars in America is profitable even taking into account the cost of shipping them by sea. Even new cars are cheaper in the US than in any other country in the world, with the exception of Australia.

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